Dave Weisenberg
Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger

A member of KBN since the beginning, Dave Weisenberg has written about half the pieces in our repertoire. Weisenberg also composes jazz charts as well as scores for documentary films and commercials. He's a trained stagehand journeyman and holds a Masters degree in jazz studies from the University of Utah. He performs with many combos locally, including Baroque'n'Strings and the G. Brown Quintet. From time to time, Weisenberg has even been known to pick up the cuíca, a Brazilian percussion instrument he describes as "a monkey in a can."

Paul Grubaugh
Saaz, Oud, Sound Technician

A black belt and teacher in the martial arts, Paul has been involved in Middle Eastern music since 1982. He performs on the Turkish saaz (Baglama family of instruments). He also plays bass and hand percussion and plays '60's Rock'n'Roll with "The Neighbors".

Nora Godin
String Bass

With degrees in Music, Education, and Counseling, Nora has been teaching and performing for many years with such groups as Salt Lake Symphony, Salt Lake Opera Chorus Orchestra, Jay Welch Symphony, Salt Lake Chamber Orchestra, Angelo Jazz Orchestra, Zivio and Heart Strings, classical ensemble and Baroque'n'Strings.  Nora is also one of the original members of Kairo By Night.

SueAnne Nazera Sheya
Flute, Piccolo

A professional musician since a teenager, she has gained wide experience as an orchestral and chamber player with such groups as Ballet West, the Utah Chamber Orchestra, Pro Musica, Wind'n'Bow, and the Joe Muscolino Big Band. She has been a member of KBN since 1985. She completed a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Utah in 2002 and currently resides in Sacramento, California.

Tia Jaynes
Flute, Piccolo

Tia has been a member of KBN since 2003. She earned her Bachelor of Music at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and her Master of Arts in Flute Performance from the University of Iowa. She has performed with the Oskaloosa Symphony and Ottumwa Symphony, and currently plays with the Taylorsville Symphony Orchestra.

Lauren Flygare

Member of KBN since 1986.  Lauren adds this to her varied list of orchestral and chamber groups including Wind'n'Bow, Salt Lake Symphony, Westminster Chamber Orchestra, Heart Strings and Baroque'n'Strings.  She holds a bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Utah and a M.Ed. from Grand Canyon University.  Lauren has been teaching instrumental music in Jordan School District since 1980.

Brett "Angus" Bowen

Member of KBN since 1993 has studied with many renowned teachers of Middle Eastern drumming and teaches percussion classes and seminars.  He also performs with Desert Wind and the Kar Makanics.

Bryce Schulzke

Has been performing Middle Eastern percussion since 1992 and has been a member of KBN since 1995. Bryce also accompanies dance classes, teaches percussion and performs with percussion-only improv groups.

Ryan Crook

Member of KBN since 1998, also plays mandolin, enjoys playing Blue Grass and folk and is learning oud.  Ryan, a graphic designer and artist, produced the graphics for "Lahadat" and other projects of the band, including the design of this web site.

Bryan Bale

Member of KBN since 2006, and has performed with KBN as a guest percussionist on various occassions since 2004. Bryan started playing darbuka in 1997 under the tutelage of Graeleaf, who taught for Kismet at the time. Currently Bryan teaches an intermediate-level class focusing on Egyptian-style darbuka. He's also a guitarist and percussionist for Bazeen, and has been invited to perform Middle-Eastern percussion with Desert Wind several times. Bryan is a web developer by day, and has recently taken over the maintenance of this web site.

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